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What things can I do with a PrototypeC?

blog-carlesmateo-com-phpstorm-prototype-cThe models we are working now are Raspberry Pi 2. A Raspberry Pi 2 is a small computer, with a 4 cores processor 900 Mhz, 1 GB Ram.

It runs Linux, so basically everything that has been ported to Debian for ARM v.7 is available.

We have configured a Debian Linux that runs LXDE, and these are some things we have done:

  • Browse Internet, with GUI epiphany browser
  • Browse Internet, with lynx text-command browser
  • Download repos with git
  • Program PHP with PhpStorm
  • Program with vi, emacs…
  • Connect to a VPN
  • Connect via ssh to other servers
  • Use VNC client to connect to other servers
  • Use VNC in Linux, to control it from other computers
  • Run c-client, a secure messenger
  • Run Java
  • Run Python
  • Run Perl
  • Run PHP
  • Install Apache and serve pages
  • Install PHP, link to Apache Web Server
  • Install ssh Server
  • Install packages like htop, ncdu, iotop, iftop, mc
  • Connect a USB webcam and view it with xawtv

Use multiple sessions, from different mobiles, at the same time, with a single C device.

The prototype-c connected to a USB webcam (mounted on a coffe glass), the iPhone 4 being charged from the same power source than the Pi and diplaying the Linux LXDE and the webcam in a small window