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What is prototype C ?

What is prototype C?

C is a Ultra-lightweight ultra-tiny personal computer, with a battery that lasts for hours running.

The idea is to use multiple common components so anybody can create a DIY unique Personal Computer equipped with Linux that you can bring anywhere.

This solves many needs:

  • Possibility to communicate with privacy (yes, you can’t trust the mobile manufacturers)
  • Have a Linux everywhere with you (basic weights 162 grams)
  • Have a ultra-cheap portable Linux computer (from 69 € / USD $74.5 / 49.8 GBP)
  • Have a X-Windows Linux, and run python applications
  • Program your own applications
  • Attach hardware, like pressure/temperature/humidity/altitude sensors, a 3D object detector or a webcam, servo, solar panel charger, gas sensor, distance sensor…
  • Do your own projects, like attaching a camera and taking one picture per second and uploading to the net, installing it on the car, or creating wearables
  • Send info to the Internet, continuously, from where you go
  • Listen music for hours while you do sport
  • Be the minimum tool that guardian operators have always with them, so if they there is a problem in production, they can fix everything from their 100% Linux capable C (ssh, vpn, browser…)
  • For third-world and places without energy I can thing in many ideas to implement.

The basic prototype uses:

  1. Raspberrypi2
  2. Battery pack (also known as Powerbank) of 2000 mAh
  3. Cable for connecting both
  4. Debian Jessie with some configs

We also experiment with touch-screen integrations (Ubuntu 14.10 for ARM with Chromium browser):

prototypec-com-monitor-touchscreen-raspberrypi2-integratedIn Carles’ blog you can find a detailed article about how to DIY.